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I recently watched an episode of a Certain Brain Candy TV Series in which characters revealed their guilty pleasures. We’ve all got them. Things that we know are either bad for us, or contain no enriching content whatsoever, or perhaps would cause us mockery from our friends and family, from now until the end of time.

So. In the spirit of forthrightness and disclosure, here are mine, because it’s a bleak Thursday in January and everybody could do with a laugh.


High School Musical meets Community meets Buffy. But I’m not trying to make it sound cool – I know it’s not. Not even remotely. The hackneyed story lines, teens breaking into song in the corridors, terrible continuity… nope, not cool at all. But strangely compelling, addictive and enjoyable at the same time. Jane Lynch steals the show on a weekly basis as the relentlessly catty Sue Sylvester, the cheerleading coach that wants to see the Glee club shut down, and the dialogue swings from Disney to Whedon in moments, making this by turns hilarious and heartbreaking. Peel back the layers though, and you’ll find a gritty undertone, in a show that deals with teen pregnancy, LGBT issues, OCD and mental illness, eating disorders, disability, bullying, bereavement and self esteem. It’s a show with more openly gay and trans characters than just about anything else out there on the networks at the moment, and despite its occasional drifts into cheddarville, it manages to maintain a great deal of integrity, especially for young adult viewers. I leave you with a little tribute to the unforgettable Sue Sylvester…


Processed cheese slices

I can’t help it. I love them. I know they are not real cheese. I love real cheese too, but for different reasons, reasons of realness. But processed cheese slices are so good, and so bad, and I feel dirty, dirty I tell you, after eating them. Out of the packet. With my fingers. Dirty.

Dirty cheese...

Dirty cheese…


The Daily Mail

Officially “Hated By The Daily Mail” I certainly don’t read it for the politics. But some of the articles are hilarious. Did you know that we are being invaded by “Killer Spiders”? No? Neither did I, until helpfully informed by the Daily Fail a few months ago. Or that Britain is about to be engulfed by the “Big Freeze”? And it must be true, because the Daily Flail said so! When all feels like rubbish in my world, I simply open the Daily Mail website and instantly, I feel better. OK, so my IQ drops by a few points, but there are pictures of puppies and bad, BAD “science” articles, and that makes up for it all.



Good Housekeeping

I claim to buy this for the Sandi Toksvig article in the back every month, but actually, I secretly like to leave my non-domesticated brain in a bucket for a while, and read silly articles about how to use vinegar to clean your sink or which jars are best for making marmalade. I can pretend I’m a housekeeping goddess who actually cooks, cleans and makes her own jams and pickles when in fact we’re lucky to eat anything that isn’t a ready meal nine times out of ten.


Kentucky Fried Chicken

Like the cheese, I realise this is not real food. I know my arteries harden a little more each time I so much as look at it. But it tastes so good in such a wrong, yet right, way. Mmmm dirty.


Old Episodes of Teen Shows from the late 80’s and early 90’s

You know the ones I mean. Sabrina the Teenage Witch. (Was I the only one who thought Zelda was hot?) My So Called Life. Blossom (What kind of name is “Six” anyway?). Ready or Not. Madison. A happy afternoon for me is one with a pile of episodes, popcorn, and nothing else to do. Pure – slightly guilty – nostalgia. Season 1, episode 1 of Sabrina is below 🙂


Enid Blyton books

*Deep breath*

I have an unstoppable addiction to Enid Blyton books. Especially the boarding school books. I have re-read them a number of times that goes into double digits and I am aware that I possibly have a problem. I can’t bring myself to read the additional books ghost written by other authors (I know there are continuations of the St Clare’s stories written by Pamela Cox, for example) but I will always be a devotee of the original series. I may have received the Naughtiest Girl series for Christmas. Maybe in hardback, with the original illustrations. Maybe.

*phew* It feels good to get that off my chest.

So there you have it. Seven of my dirtiest, guiltiest pleasures. What are yours?

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