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Welcome back, lovely people, to another Monday post about the joyous things I’ve been discovering on FAWM, or February Album Month. My own progress is moving slowly, with 4 out of 14 songs posted, another 2 in the pipeline in a nearly finished state, and then several lyrical and musical snippets waiting to be transformed.

The opener for this week is the unusual and offbeat Alfred, Apparently, by Fallsastar. It was tagged as “steampunk” and “Jazzish” so I felt compelled to take a listen and I’m so glad I did. This glitchy, wonky creation does indeed immediately transport the listener to dark victoriana alleyways in an industrial district. This is an all percussive wonder that I highly recommend taking a chance on.

Next up, one of my close neighbours in sunny Yorkshire, Isaac Lister, with his offering, Drink the Decency Down. Reminding me by turns of the Beautiful South blended with Billy Joel, this carries a haunting, catchy melody and bittersweet lyrics. The production is solid, and this is a strong, well put-together track. For those in York, Isaac Lister also runs a fabulous open mic night every Monday at the Rose and Crown on Lawrence Street. Check it out sometime.

For a more mellow, folky history lesson, check out Charleroi by Jcuempire. A sparkling, beautifully put together performance with solid instrumentation and a gorgeous melody. This is his first outing this FAWM and I hope to see more.

And now for something completely different… Zombie Morris Dancers, by WobbieWobbit. There has always been a tradition, a noble one in my opinion, of having at least one zombie song in FAWM, and this one is a cracker. A shambolic, gory, cerebral mess of a song. It’s superb. The horns! The accordion! The lyrics (“Shuffle to the left! Stagger to the right!”) If you only listen to one song I have recommended in this post, make it this one. I promise you won’t regret it.

Finally, in the lyrics only section, the marvellously evocative The Last Leaf, by Stephen Wordsmith. This is glorious. It’s rare to find lyrics only posts that straddle poetry and lyrics so well, but this does both, it is wonderful, haunting and engaging to read, and, set to music, can only be made even more beautiful.

I shall leave you all now. I have an early start with work in the morning after a very busy day today, and I want to listen to Zombie Morris Dancers one more time before bed…




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